The above photo was taken during a coffee tasting at Caravan roastery in King's Cross. I was devising a signature coffee blend for a design agency, which involved naming, brand language and design. It was a fun project that got everyone in the team fired up, and flexed my love of flavours, provenance, and storytelling. 

But that's enough of me, let's talk about you.

Your brand needs effective copy and content across all channels. Effective means results: greater conversion rates, higher engagement and exposure, increased traffic, and improved ranking. The figures tell the real story.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to effective writing though. Done well, it connects with the reader on an emotional level, and it stays with her. It inspires, it motivates, it persuades. Results that are not always quantifiable but which are no less valuable.

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A marketing head on a wordsmith’s shoulders
"Claire was the first internal copywriter to join the ELEMIS Brand team and very quickly became utterly indispensable. Claire worked across all divisions, fostering great relationships with the wider teams to improve and streamline messaging across all channel touchpoints and implementing internal processes to carve out her own function. Claire created copy for traditional marketing like campaign headlines and straplines, point of sale collateral, press releases and internal marketing toolkits. She also worked in our digital channels, writing copy for emails, product pages and blog content. Claire is a quiet, diligent worker and her ideas and copy are founded upon a great knowledge of marketing, the beauty industry and consumer psychology."
Rose Armstrong, Head of Creative, ELEMIS

"Claire is creative to the core, and is able to bring great new ideas to any project. Her copywriting ability is flawless, and she has a unique skill in being able to combine creativity with technical skill in order to make her words work to full potential on a page. Claire’s input on the website improvement project was invaluable. The work she produced was of excellent quality, and she was a great person to have on my team as she provided a source of creative knowledge and suggestions on how we could maximise impact across the project as a whole." 
Samantha Bye, Project Manager, Brunel University Marketing Improvement Project