"Claire is an exceptional writer and copywriter who brings wit and wisdom to her assignments. Her 'voice' is captivating and communicates in a manner that touches minds and hearts - a combination of intellectual and emotional engagement that is so commercially valuable."

Karoline Newman, Articulate Communication


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A Fallen Leaf appeared in Project Calm #11

Project Calm_A Fallen Leaf 1.png
Project Calm_A Fallen Leaf 2.png

Life Lessons From The Potting Wheel appeared in In The Moment, October 2018


A Backdrop of Velveteen Darkness appeared in a spread of stories exploring shadows in Project Calm #10

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The Door (Or, Time is Where You Find It) appeared in Project Calm #9

Project Calm_The Door 1.png
Project Calm_The Door 2.png

She Dreamt of Zanzibar featured in In The Moment, May 2018

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