"Claire is an exceptional writer and copywriter who brings wit and wisdom to her assignments. Her 'voice' is captivating and communicates in a manner that touches minds and hearts - a combination of intellectual and emotional engagement that is so commercially valuable."

Karoline Newman, Articulate Communication

Brunel Uni

The Brunel University marketing team needed support with a website content refresh. The higher education sector is becoming highly competitive with universities having to reinvent themselves as brands to gain a sure foothold in the market. Brunel has a great reputation among ambitious and creative young adults but the content wasn't speaking to them; in some cases the language was impenetrable. We used SEO tools and eye-tracking to understand how best to design pages and create an effective hierarchy of information. Microcopy was rewritten to be punchy and clickable, content was made accessible and relevant, and each subject area became a microsite in itself to avoid directing users away from the information they needed.

From this:

Brunel Psychology old page.png

To this: Inspirational imagery and language, headers and boxed content catch the eye with a plain-speaking tone of voice and useful links within site.

Brunel Psychology new 1.png
Brunel Psychology new 2.png
Brunel Psychology new 3.png

Within the Psychology site, facilities were mentioned but were not detailed on their own page.

Brunel Psychology Facilities 1.png
Brunel Psychology Faciliites 2.png

Accreditation from the BPS is an important feature of the Brunel Psychology BSc and MSc conversion course but there wasn't an explanation of what this meant for prospective students.

Brunel Psychology Accreditation.png